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Use of website:  Zhuhai TianWei Technology development Co Ltd authorizes the right to you for browsing and download the content of this website based on you agree to keep all the original edition and other all original information when copy the article. All the article of the website is only for personal using, not for any business aim. You cannot forward, copy, modify or Published and distributed all the content of the website. Zhuhai TianWei Technology development Co Ltd not allow to use these articles and information to other website or Networking computer environment. . The content on this site is protected by copyright; any unauthorized use of all may constitute a failure copyright, trademark and other law. If you are in breach of any terms, you use the authorization will be stopped, at the same time you must immediately destroyed any already download or printed material.

The use of the software:
If you want to download software from this website. Pls comply with the items accessory from the software. You have no right to download before you agree all the items of the license agreement.

Lin to other website:
The aim of providing linking to other website is convenient for you.  If you want to use these links. pls leave our website.

Don’t assume for declaration of responsibility
  All the documents and articles in our website keep the original status, we are not responsible for the any suitable sales, special aim or not Infringe upon the patent. Zhuhai TianWei Technology development Co Ltd does not guarantee the accurate and integrity of the information . Zhuhai TianWei Technology development Co Ltd can revise and add any materials of website without any notice advanced. Zhuhai TianWei Technology development Co Ltd doesn’t promise to update the expired price and product list. May be the products of website not sale and apply in your country or district. Pls contact with our sales directly  for future assistance. 

Liability limit
Zhuhai TianWei Technology development Co Ltd ,Its suppliers or website mentioned in the third party shall not be responsible for any damage, no matter whether the damage caused due to use, can''t use the website. Even to the website or any similar website that show the information in the cause (including but not limited to the loss of profits, losses of data or business interruption and cause damage), and no matter whether they have the guarantee, contract, tort or any other legal basis and advance notice for this kind of damage. If you use this information of site that need equipment or data maintenance, repair or correct, you must also assume the cost of all caused.

General principles
Zhuhai TianWei Technology development Co Ltd will modify the clause at any time. So, pls visit the website timely in order to understand. Some items of these clauses may be replaced by
Legal Notice of webpage.

Attention: The entire user, who links the Zhuhai TianWei Technology development Co Ltd, must comply with the rules and all the related legal regulation.

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