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First to aftermarket, PRINT-RITE launches compatible chips for TK1150/1160….


In October, 2016, Kyocera launched TK1150/1160/3160/5220 and so many other cartridges compatible with new laser printers. We found that the technology of this series chips are totally different with previous TK-1/2/3 generation, so we defined it as TK-4 chips technology.

Having concentrated on R&D for a long time, Print-rite Technology Co., firstly launches high-quality compatible chips for this series printers worldwide, which fills the market gaps for almost one year. Different from the blank PCB and no yield display, our chips can measure the yields accurately. When using our compatible chips, our customers can experience the same feeling as they use the original chips.

Print-rite Technology Co., have surprised you so many times in Kyocera compatible chips. The first Kyocera compatible chips in the world is also too numerous to mention individually. High-quality compatible chips are always the aim of development.

This time, you do not need to wait any longer as we always innovate with heart.

The detailed models are as below. Welcome to order!


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